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Hms Weight Set Sgx120 Pro 6In1 20Kg


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Innovative, multifunctional weight set SGX 6 in 1 HMS with two kettlebells.

A dumbbell with replaceable weights is a classics and, at the same time, a must have for every home gym. However, very frequently it turns out there comes a need for something more. Now it does not. We present SGX120 set by HMS that is 6 in 1 set. Set contains:

1 x Barbell

2 x Dumbbells

2 x Kettlebells

2 x Push up bars

1 x Triple grip dumbbells

2 x Double grip dumbbells

Such a set has not been seen before.

High-quality material

Weights are made of the highest quality composite whose consistent structure, hardness and flexibility assure total reliability. Covering the composite with a strong plastic additionally provides durability and resistance to damage. On all of the handles there is an anti-slip material assuring a firm grip. Bar connector has a special sponge, which directly enhances comfort during workouts with the bar.

Countless practice possibilities

Just barbells provide many exercise variants, but all the elements included in this set make the range of possible exercises are nearly endless. The 6-in-1 set enables a user to perform exercises for all muscle groups and to combine them in such a way as not to fall into monotony and muscle stagnation.


Due to the barbells one performs exercises involving different muscle groups. Their advantage is the element of instability. While performing the exercise we put to work many stabilizing muscles, thus making the workout more effective. They have a threaded sleeve for the load, with a diameter perfectly matching the diameter of the hole of the weights. Therefore, changing the load is very easy. Star-shape clamps are responsible for the stable position of the weights on the bars. They are easy to screw onto the bars.


The barbell is also universal equipment in terms of number of possible exercises and addressed muscle groups. The barbell, because of its structure, is more stable than barbells, so in this case we can use more load. It will also be a good solution at the beginning of the adventure with strength training, when muscle awareness is weaker than at later stages. The barbell in this set comprises a special combination of two short bars. The barbell sleeve is screwed into a joint. The central element is equipped with an ergonomic sponge, which prevents feeling discomfort while doing, for example, a squat with a barbell.


Kettlebell is an instrument used for functional training and general training, because of the wide possibilities of its use. Workouts performed with a kettlebell engage deep muscles and hence they affect, inter alia, the correct posture of the body. Creating a kettlebell from parts of this set is very simple. On a special stand one puts as many weights as he/she wants, and then the handle is screwed. The weights can be replaced. Consequently, trainings may be progressed easily and one freely chooses the weight for particular exercises.

Triple grip dumbbell

Some exercises are easier and more comfortable to perform when you can grab the load from both sides. Arms work symmetrically and the grip is secure; one can focus on correct performance only.

Double grip barbell

One can screw one or two additional handles to the barbell. Option with one handle is useful when you want to perform a combined exercise and quickly move from barbells to the kettlebell. Then we screw only one handle and we get a barbell, which in this case fulfills the role of a kettlebell. This solution also facilitates doing the French press using a dumbbell with both hands.

Push-up bars

The handles, which can be screwed onto the barbell, can also be used as push-up supports. The supports bring the opportunity to perform a stronger arm bending during the exercise, enabling a body to cross line of hands during the movement, which makes the chest muscles stretch more. The result is that a muscle grows much better.

SGX is a set like no other. One product, thanks to its countless possibilities, will equip the entire home gym. You must have it!


2 kg – 18,5 x 3,8 cm (4 pcs)

1,5 kg – 17,5 x 3,4 cm (4 pcs)

1,25 kg – 16 x 3,4 cm (4 pcs)

Weight of the bar: 403 g

Weight of the coupling system: 410 g

Weight of kettlebell stand: 633 g

Weight of the clamp: 16 g

Total weight of the set: 21 kg


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